How to Sync Subscriptions to Fall on the Same Day

How to Sync Subscriptions to Fall on the Same Day

CloudSigma offers to users the possibility to make as many subscriptions as they wish for the exact amount of resources they need. Your can configure your subscriptions in a flexible manner along with everything else on CloudSigma. The idea is you can flexibly combine burst usage with subscribed resources to closely match your requirements over time.

Most of our customers end up with several subscriptions for a single resource and with various expiry dates as their consumption grows over time (think of them stacking up on top of each other). Having to maintain multiple subscriptions per resource with different expiry dates can become a bit of a headache for many customers. But here comes the trick: you can sync up your subscriptions per resource to fall on the same day, after which you can consolidate them into a single subscription going forward.

By default, you can create subscriptions for 1 month, 1 year or 3 years subscriptions. When you extend your subscriptions, however, you have the option to extend them for a custom period of your choice as long as it’s at least 30 days. This option is quite useful in this situation so we can sync up our subscriptions to fall on the same day.

Below we walk you through exactly how to sync up your subscriptions so you can more easily manage your resource consumption and funding your account.

Step 1: Look at the expiry dates of your active subscriptions and see which subscription will expire the last

Go to the WebApp “Usage & Billing” >> “Subscriptions” and look at the table with your subscriptions:

Usage & Billing

Let’s assume you have several RAM subscriptions that all expire on different dates. You should look at their expiry dates and identify which one will be active the longest.

RAM subscriptions

In the given example the subscription that expires the latest is RAM Subscription 3 which expires on 17-May-17. We would like to have only one subscription for the RAM resource which renews every three months.

Step 2: Extend the subscriptions you want to sync to match the last subscription expiry date

To extend a subscription click on the “Details” button next to it. Then set the custom expiry date. In the given example we do this procedure for RAM Subscription 1 and RAM Subscription 2 and we extend them to fall on 07-May-17. When extending subscriptions make sure that the Auto-Renew option is switched off. Otherwise, the subscriptions will be automatically extended.

intel RAM

Please note: If your latest subscription expires in less than a month, you need to first extend it with the minimum of one month and then sync the rest according to its new expiry date.

Step 3: Now all of your subscriptions will expire on the same day. The last step is making a new consolidated subscription from this day on for the cumulative amount of the resource that you need and turning the Auto-Renew option on

Since in the previous steps the subscriptions were extended by different time frames, now we need to aggregate them in one new subscription for the cumulative amount of the resource which will automatically renew for the desired period going forward.

In our example, we assumed that we need a subscription for the RAM resource for three months. In Step 3 we purchase RAM Subscription 4 which sums up all the RAM (10GB + 2GB + 2GB = 14 GB) that we need. We set it to be for 3 months and we turn the Auto-Renew option on:

subscription for the RAM resource table

Et voilà!

You can repeat the same procedure for any other resource subscriptions you want to sync up.

If you need any help with syncing your subscriptions do not hesitate to contact our sales team at


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