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Learn How a Financial Services Provider is Able to Focus on their Core Business & Save Cost in the Cloud

Customer Profile

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GENIO GROUP develops services for the financial sector focusing on risk assessment, fraud prevention, support in compliance certification attainment processes, banking, fiscal management of credit, legal support and management of litigation.

The company was founded with the goal of providing innovative tools with a high technical value and content. Typical use cases include due diligence processes and credit consultations, services to support money laundering investigations as well as systems of due diligence and transfer of credits to manage tax relief and achieve budget transparency.

By choosing CloudSigma, Genio Group found a dedicated partner providing them with a stable and fast service, and reliable staff always on hand to assist. Working with CloudSigma, Genio Group were able to grow and enrich their service portfolio, as a result, they are already making plans for additional future service enhancements, due to CloudSigma’s flexible and scalable infrastructure.

“The best thing is the fact that now we sleep well. We are more confident that there is someone who cares about us and lets us run our core business. We feel like CloudSigma is our partner who we can reach out to if we have any kind of question.”Riccardo Ferrucci, CTO @ Genio Group

The Challenge

The core business of Genio Group is to provide different financial services for various purposes, such as compliance certification processes, credit, legal support, management of litigation and banking. A few years ago, as a young financial software services provider, Genio Group realized that their own IT resources were not enough to sustain the rapid growth they were experiencing. They no longer had sufficient people to maintain their in-house infrastructure.

“We were still in the beginning and we wanted to find a more practical way of managing our infrastructure. Also, we could not cope with the workload associated with maintaining our in-house installation; we wanted to find a cost-effective, time-saving solution in order to allow us to focus on our core business.”

The cloud appeared the natural solution to the limitations of their in-house equipment and lack of human resources. They started the cloud evaluation process by testing with Amazon EC2.

“We were not satisfied with their service. They had a very complicated pricing model that did not fit well with our needs. They offered only pre-fixed instances which limited our choice.”

CloudSigma, on the other hand, provided them with a simplified utility pricing model and more flexibility in infrastructure configuration. This culminated in a great start on CloudSigma for Genio. They found working with the features provided by CloudSigma to be a straightforward process. Moreover, the ability to tailor their virtual machines in any way they required was a huge benefit for them.

The Solution

Genio found the migration from their existing on-site deployment to the cloud was quick and effortless. Given that they were still at an early stage there was not so much data to migrate which made things even faster. The most time-consuming process was the migration of the database. They were about to migrate off their existing hardware to new, improved equipment which provided higher performance. They found they could optimize the configuration of their database server to fully take advantage of the faster cloud setup. The entire process was successfully completed and Genio Group onboarded to the cloud relatively quickly.

“We have always been able to find trustworthy CloudSigma team members to assist us in any situation when there was a problem. Whenever we have asked a question in the support chat there has always been someone to address it and point us in the right direction. CloudSigma has got a great staff.”

“The unprecedented support, high SLA and ability to tailor our virtual machines as per our exact needs were our top reasons for choosing CloudSigma as our infrastructure partner.”Riccardo Ferrucci, CTO @ Genio Group


The top concerns of Genio Group were service availability and finding a cloud where they could feel confident about their infrastructure. Hence, they wanted a stable platform, which allowed them to expand their deployment as they grew and which could support them in solving the actual infrastructure problems. Their finance and banking software products work in real-time, therefore Genio Group had to make sure that their services are going to be accessible all the time. At the same time, the fact that they were gradually onboarding new customers required them to constantly increase their capacity usage. Genio Group wanted to achieve all this at a minimum cost.

“CloudSigma offered a very high SLA compared to other providers which did not offer such SLA terms. Additionally, we were able to tailor the size of our instances as we liked and pay only for what we used.”

The Impact

Genio Group strategically chose the public cloud of CloudSigma at an early stage of their business development. Since then their deployment has matured into a more complex system addressing their growth and the more complicated needs of their customers. At the time when they were using their in-house equipment, Genio Group had only one production server. Once they had migrated over to CloudSigma they decided to create a secondary server in order to achieve a highly available configuration in line with their production requests.

“CloudSigma’s platform allowed us to build a more complex infrastructure. Our business grew and so did our demands. The features provided by CloudSigma have been more than sufficient to help us keep our operations on track.”

Today Genio Group is focused on their customers and core activities and their team members sleep well!

CloudSigma has been there to support them in providing ever-improving services to their customers. Genio Group recognizes CloudSigma’s efforts in improving their services, such frequent hardware upgrades, improvements to stability and performance over time.

“CloudSigma service is getting better every single day. And they are going after Azure, for example, with respect to the quality of service and customer experience. We found a partner in the face of CloudSigma to help us provide an improved service to our own users.”

The Future

“We found a partner in the shape of CloudSigma to help us provide an improved service to our own users.”Riccardo Ferrucci, CTO @ Genio Group
Genio Group are already thinking about their next steps. They want to take further advantage of the technical prerequisites provided by the cloud platform of CloudSigma.

“As a next step, we are going to implement clustering with the purpose of excluding single-points-of failure. That way, we will be able to provide an even better service to our customers.”

A few successful years for Genio Group have passed since they started using CloudSigma. Their CTO’s readiness to recommend CloudSigma is the greatest sign that we could meet their requirements to their fullest satisfaction:

“If we had to advise someone else in the process of choosing a provider I’d tell them to try CloudSigma. I do not think there is another provider which can give you everything necessary the way CloudSigma does.”

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