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Discover what a SaaS solution company in global logistics needs from a cloud provider

Customer Profile

Our customer is a worldwide leading supplier of environmentally friendly production, transportation, building and lighting technologies. With integrated automation technologies and comprehensive industry-specific solutions, the company increases the productivity, efficiency and flexibility of its customers in the fields of industry and infrastructure. This customer is a prime example of efficient and flexible cloud solution tailored for logistics services.

“CloudSigma allowed us to expand our solution on-demand without worrying about latency or unnecessary compute cost. CloudSigma’s solution is definitely one of the cloud services with the highest cost-benefit ratios on the market.”Senior software architect @ client’s company

CloudSigma is working with the logistics department, which is providing innovative software for various postal, parcel and airport applications. As part of their work, the department has developed a new automation solution that converts physical mail into electronic mail. Postal customers receive their mail via Internet and can access it at all times by mobile phone or computer. This so called ‘reverse hybrid mail’ solution enables postal companies and postal service providers to cut their costs tenfold. Postal units can likewise benefit from a partial elimination of the manual sorting of mail received in their day-to-day operations. This is possible because this mail is now available in a digital form. After sending, correspondences and documents can be accessed securely from any location and archived electronically according to regulations.

The Challenge

“Most of the cloud providers on the market offer no more than 99.95% SLA. We wanted to prevent as many risks as possible and protect ourselves completely. We found what we were looking for in the face of CloudSigma.”Senior software architect @ client’s company

Our customer wanted to have more fine-grained control over the capabilities of a VM in terms of performance and memory utilization. As a result, they were looking to partner with a logistics cloud solution which offers no ‘vendor-lock-in’ and which wouldn’t lead to unnecessary compute costs. In addition, the specifics of the application required excellent connectivity and low latency, since it had to be reached from all over the world.

At the same time, the global presence of the cloud provider was also a key consideration by taking the final decision.

“We wanted to choose a cloud provider that has spread its locations worldwide. CloudSigma is a cloud vendor who has a global presence with a wide network of locations around the world. This allowed us to run our global operations smoothly on the cloud platform. As a result our customers do not experience any latency receiving their correspondence on time.”

The Solution

At the very beginning our customer had some concerns about data security. The variety of security measures and features that are available to CloudSigma customers convinced the company that CloudSigma offers the best solution for their needs.

“When we talk about private correspondence and documents sent via email, data privacy is of great significance. CloudSigma is ISO 27001-certified as well as PCI-DSS compliant, which was one of our main considerations when choosing our logistics cloud vendor.”

Another thing that turned the decision in favor of CloudSigma was the fact that we offer 100% SLA for server and network availability.

The human factor and the high level of support provided during the project implementation and ongoing operations were and still are a key reason for our customer to have chosen CloudSigma and still be with us today. The fact that at CloudSigma everyone has a personal account manager as a single point-of-contact and support for any day-to-day requirements is a really big advantage.

“Building trust with CloudSigma happened naturally and pretty quickly. Now as we are on our next step of the project development, we’re looking forward to expanding our cooperation in other parts of the globe. Fortunately, the global locations of CloudSigma allow us to serve our customers well in each part of the globe.”Senior software architect @ client’s company

“The good communication with our dedicated account manager and the excellent free 24/7 support are crucial for us. We know who to contact in case of any questions or concerns and the resolution usually takes minimal time. We’re used to heavy internal structure and long resolution times, so CloudSigma’s quick reactions are a great plus.”

The Future

Following the success story of this project, their mutual work with CloudSigma has expanded to other teams with similar requirements. On top of that, the same project is considering further deployments in other CloudSigma locations, including USA and Asia.

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