CloudSigma Teams Up With Sheffield Hallam University

CloudSigma teams up with Sheffield Hallam University

One of the main challenges that the cloud industry is facing today is the lack of education around how the public cloud works and what the best practices are.

After the successful ESA Space Apps Challenge we attended earlier this year, we had the honor to be invited as a sponsor of a new module on cloud computing offered to final-year-degree students of Computer Studies at the Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom.

The module is a mixture between theory and practice. For the latter part, the students were required to have actual hands-on experience of setting up, accessing and using a virtual machine (VM) on a cloud platform. According to Dr. John Kirby, Senior Lecturer & Knowledge Transfer Champion explained why they chose CloudSigma: “Setting up and using a virtual machine on CloudSigma is very straightforward. The clear user interface also illustrates some of the key issues involved. So I feel that CloudSigma would make an ideal introduction to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).”

Nearly fifty students took part in the cloud computing module. The students were divided into three groups and were given various practical tasks, from VM creation to Apache installation. “Nearly all of the students found it very easy to provision a VM on CloudSigma. They attached an Ubuntu operating system and then installed and ran Apache2. Overall, the CloudSigma webapp seemed simple, intuitive and straightforward. This was my main reason for choosing CloudSigma”, said Dr. Kirby.

We were also interested in getting feedback from the students. One student who participated in the module expressed his satisfaction with the unbundled resource provisioning of CloudSigma: “I was very impressed with the options available, that allows the customer to tailor the system build to their requirements. As you can see from the stats, our lab group all choose the same 2GB drive with the pre-installed Ubuntu 14.04.” At the same time, we are now working on some enhancements to the user interface triggered by the feedback we received from other cloud enthusiast on the course.

Since we like to support students, we’ve developed two exclusive offers (pick one):

  • $200 worth of cloud computer resources per month for three months (no roll-over).
  • 100% fund matching for six months. For every dollar you spend on our cloud, we’ll match it.

If you’re interested, please email and mention the offer ‘StudentPromo2014’.

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