CloudSigma Announces All-SSD Storage for Public Cloud IaaS Platform

CloudSigma’s All-SSD Storage Solution Removes Storage Bottlenecks While Improving Application Performance and Reliability

SNW Spring – Orlando, FL – April 4, 2013 – CloudSigma, an international, customer-centric, pure-cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider, announced at SNW Spring 2013that it’s upgrading its public cloud storage offering to an all solid-state drive (SSD) solution, powered by Solidfire. Abandoning magnetic-based, hard-disk drive (HDD) storage altogether due to its inability to keep pace with the randomized, multi-tenant access of a public cloud, CloudSigma’s new, all-SSD offering enables companies to realize the scalability, flexibility and cost-savings advantages of a public cloud while ensuring the reliability and performance of their storage.

“With SolidFire’s SSD technology, we have radically improved the performance of our entire cloud,” said Robert Jenkin, CloudSigma CEO and co-founder. “After pioneering public cloud SSD technologytwo years ago, we have seen the value of SSD’s ability to successfully remove storage bottlenecks and inconsistent performance in the cloud for critical systems and applications, especially when backed by an SLA And, now, with SolidFire, we expect to see even greater performance improvements and growth for our customers.”

CloudSigma customer David Gosse, CEO of Tracky, a social collaboration and project management software provider, commented, “With CloudSigma’s SSD solution, we found an overall application performance increase of more than 50 percent for user page load and processing times, and a 75 percent increase in data storage responsiveness. What’s more, we now need an average of 25 percent less CPU and RAM as a result of eliminating I/O wait times and other inefficiencies. We are very happy with the approach CloudSigma is taking.”

CloudSigma’s new SSD offering is uniquely sold as a utility service at the same price level of just $0.14 per GB per month that its previous magnetic-based storage was priced at. The SSD storage is available unbundled from other resources, including CPU and RAM, so customers can purchase gigabytes and IOPS with minimum guaranteed performance levels, without risking costly over- or under-provisioning. Companies using CloudSigma’s IaaS platform can ensure they have flexible, reliable, high-performance storage for any business scenario or critical application.

“Our SSD storage system is designed specifically for cloud providers like CloudSigma to help bring their customers’ business-critical and performance-sensitive applications to the cloud without concern of disruption,” said Dave Wright, SolidFire CEO and founder. “Performance predictability starts with guaranteeing quality of service, which is why we’re the first to deliver it, and challenge the industry to follow suit. This partnership enables CloudSigma to deliver more consistent quality for the thousands of applications within its shared public cloud infrastructure.”

CloudSigma Chief Enterprise Solutions Officer Micheal Higgins will also be speaking at SNW Spring 2013 as part of the industry perspectives session “Beating Storage Bottlenecks in the Cloud,” being held on Thursday, April 4 at 4:50 p.m. ET. If you are a member of the media or analyst community and are interested in setting up a meeting at SNW, please contact Meredith L. Eaton via email cloudsigma@marchpr.comor phone +1 617-960-9877.

About CloudSigma

CloudSigma is a pure-cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider that offers highly-available, flexible, enterprise-class hybrid cloud servers and cloud hosting solutions, both in Europe and the U.S. CloudSigma is the most customizable cloud provider on the market, giving customers full control over their cloud and eliminating restrictions on how users deploy their computing resources. With CloudSigma, customers can provision processing, storage, networks and other fundamental computing resources as they please, as well as extend private networks out of existing infrastructure and elastically into CloudSigma’s IaaS cloud to create easy to manage and transparent hybrid cloud solutions. For more information, please visit or find the company on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

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