CloudSigma powered ClojureCup 2014

Everyone at CloudSigma knows that no new product just emerges out of nowhere. CloudSigma is still lead by it’s founders today and focused around product innovation. As such, we have always shared our customers’ passion for creating and testing new technologies, tools and working on solutions that meet pressing problems. No new service has reached the market without firstly starting as just an idea. The Clojure Cup contest is where such ideas are born. The IT space is developing at a tremendous speed and it is for the young professionals who are constantly shaping the world of innovation. Therefore, it was an honour for CloudSigma to contribute towards the realization of the competition.

CloudSigma was a hosting as well as a prize sponsor for the ClojureCup 2014 event taking place 27th-28th of September, with a total of 66 teams registered for the event, each team comprised of between one and four individuals who had exactly 48 hours to develop their application. Prior to the start of the competition, the teams were allowed only to work on the concept of their applications and no pre-made production assets of any kind were to be created.

As a leading Infrastructure-as-as-Service provider we found it a great opportunity to sponsor the event by giving away compute and networking resources for the participants. The participants made use of our Zurich, Washington DC and San Jose cloud locations where they built an efficient web development environment based on Clojure, ClojureScript or both. In less than 48 hours many of the teams were able to produce a complete web application ready for production. You can view the applications here.

Looking from the perspective of a service provider we are always eager to talk, read and hear what our users have to say about the platform. It is vital for our improvement to know if the participants made use of the service features, whether they found the webapp intuitive and last but not least how helpful the CloudSigma staff was in supporting them throughout the event. The Clojure Cup event was no exception to that. We received many positive feedbacks and a few constructive suggestions that will be working on in the next month.

For the competitors it was important to have a reliable and supportive partner who allowed them to be flexible and quick. The unbundled resource provisioning and open software layer was reported as very useful in facilitating the writing of applications, scripts and for testing. “CloudSigma webapp is quite easy to get going with. For a user with decent IaaS experience, it was a pretty simple task to control the nodes, to the point that one did not have to play much with it after the servers were up and running!”, said Tero Parviaiven, organizer at the Clojure Cup 2014.

Having ClojureCup on our cloud was an amazing opportunity for our consulting and support teams to address a number of inquiries in a very short time. Having looked at the participants’ feedback, I am confident that both sides couldn’t have done better in both developing applications and CloudSigma tackling any issues and queries that arose for contestants in our target 10-15 minutes or less response time”, said Robert Jenkin, CEO and Founder at CloudSigma. “I would like to congratulate all the young professionals who took part in the contest, there were certainly some exciting concepts that got germinated over the even weekend”.

We did not stop at the point where the contest completed, we will continue supporting the participants who want to develop their applications further and make use of the entire set of tools which the service has to offer.

We are looking forward to the next year’s competition and seeing what new ideas emerge. We hope that the Clojure Cup contest will return again next year and take advantage of our newly opened locations and features at that time!

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