CloudSigma How To Series: Satellite Data Repository

As announced earlier this month, CloudSigma is building and maintaining a repository of Sentinel data backed by a powerful service level agreement ensuring availability and performance. The following tutorial describes how you can access the satellite data in our cloud environment and download a specific image to your CloudSigma cloud server to process it.

Accessing the object storage is possible within our Zurich , Geneva or Frankfurt cloud networks. Therefore, your cloud server should be within those locations. The Earth observation data is publicly available within a container on our object storage. It can be downloaded locally through the HTTP protocol, using a special URL.

This is an example how the products can be reached:

The container name is: S1-SAFE-ZIP. The name of the product/file is:
The name of the product in our object storage is the same as the product names you can find in the Copernicus Open Access Hub (SciHub). You can look up the desired products and replace the name in the URL provided above.

You can use different tools to download and manage the files. One of the most common tools is wget and can be used like this:


This will result in the file being downloaded into the current working directory. From then on, the archive can be extracted and the image should be available.

Zip archives can be handled in Linux based operating systems using the unzip tool. Example usage:

unzip -d destination_folder

If the tool is not available, it can be installed using a package manager like so:

# On Debian based Linux OS
sudo apt-get install unzip

# On Red Hat based Linux OS
sudo yum install unzip

To enhance your processing, we have also added a pre-installed image in CloudSigma’s drives library. This image contains EO tools such as SNAP, QGIS, Geoserver, Geonode and others. You can find the image under Storage –> Library in the CloudSigma cloud platform and attach it to your cloud server:

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

Happy processing!

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