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CloudSigma goes live with world’s first full in-browser VNC access to its cloud servers

Zürich, Tuesday 31 August 2010 CloudSigma AG, a leading European provider of cloud servers is happy to announce the launch of the world’s first in-browser VNC client. By combining a number of technological innovations such as HTML5 with its own proprietary processes, the company has been able to deploy in-browser VNC access making management and control of its cloud servers significantly more convenient. Previously,  remote access and screen sharing had required customers to install a dedicated VNC client on their own machine which remains the case with other cloud computing vendors.

Patrick Baillie, CEO commented ‘Our company continues to use technology to make our clients’ computing more accessible and intuitive. As a result of this focus, you can enjoy this unique in-browser VNC feature. Consequently, our customers have instant secure access to their servers from anywhere in the world; all they need is a modern web browser.’

By eliminating the need for any software installation, customers can instantly configure and control their cloud servers even when not accessing from their usual computing locations.

Enterprise Friendly

A growing number of CloudSigma’s customers come from the enterprise space. Furthermore, enterprise customers are looking for solutions that offer secure access from within their corporate environment. Unfortunately, traditional VNC access is often not possible due to restrictions on software installation and/or firewall rules within an enterprise environment. The in-browser VNC solution allows enterprises to access their cloud servers securely over the HTTPS port without having to modify their firewall settings or potentially compromise the security of their in-house desktop machines by allowing installation of third party software.

Improving Security

In-browser VNC access offers a number of key advantages over using an external VNC client. By routing all VNC traffic over the HTTPS port, all VNC data traffic is fully encrypted end to end. The in-browser solution also keeps server access within the controlled, secure access area of the web console. You can get VNC access via a new modal window within the browser and without the user needing to input any additional password. Accessing servers through an external client requires inputting a VNC password. The password is often written down by the user or stored insecurely by the VNC client itself. Keeping access from within the web console maintains clear control reducing the risk of infrastructure becoming compromised.

Turning Innovation into Improved Service

CloudSigma’s motto is ‘freedom through technology’. The company puts this into practice by embracing and incorporating the best new technological innovations in ways that directly benefit their customers. The recent maturing of HTML5, WebSockets, and other technologies has for the first time made full in-browser VNC access possible. Finally, this latest product release is the result of several months of intensive development and testing.

Patrick Baillie, CEO commented ‘We’ve always seen our company as an innovator; using technology to push forward what cloud computing and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) can deliver. Therefore, we  are proud to deliver a world-class platform with many unique features and tools that complement our core product offering at no extra cost.’

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CloudSigma AG, based in Zürich, Switzerland provides a pure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform offering high security, flexible cloud servers. Our innovative web console as well as API make cloud computing and cloud hosting straightforward. High-availability redundant infrastructure is backed up by a generous Service Level Agreement. It covers not only availability but also performance.


About Robert Jenkin

Robert is a Co-Founder and CEO of CloudSigma along with his long-time friend Patrick Baillie. Robert & Patrick had a vision for a different style of cloud focused around customer requirements not computing frameworks created by the service provider; an open environment where end-users could define their infrastructure in a highly flexible way with little or no restrictions, just like they were used to doing in their own private environments. Their shared vision was the genesis of CloudSigma in 2009 in Zürich, Switzerland and as with many great things, it began life sketched out on a napkin! Robert previously has experience in early stage venture capital and corporate finance in the City of London. Robert is a graduate in Economics from Cambridge University.