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CloudSigma Participating in Deutsche Börse’s Industry-First, Vendor-Neutral Cloud Marketplace

Zurich, Switzerland – July 2, 2013 – CloudSigma, a customer-centric, pure-cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider, today announced that it is participating alongside other cloud computing leaders, such as Host Europe and Equinix, as a member of the Early Adopter program in the first-ever, vendor-neutral marketplace platform for IaaS cloud computing products. The Early Adopter program is spearheaded by Deutsche Börse, one of the world’s leading financial exchange organizations, and the cloud marketplace will be developed and operated by Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange AG, founded in May 2013.

The cloud marketplace is a compute trading platform. Thus, it aims to drive more efficiency in purchasing and computing utilization by creating a liquid market of different supply and demand-side participants. CloudSigma’s existing utility approach to computing for public cloud made it an ideal company to participate as an early adopter.

The Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange allows the trade of compute and storage on an exchange principle. In fact, it utilizes the same way that other commodities, such as oil or gas do. By creating a liquid market for computing and storage, participants can easily buy capacity for ad-hoc needs. In addition to purchasing capacity directly, suppliers can also trade among themselves. For example, if a customer of another cloud provider wanted capacity in a location not serviced by that provider, such as Zurich, the company could easily purchase it from CloudSigma via the trading platform and vice versa.

“Participating in Deutsche Börse’s vendor-neutral platform for IaaS cloud computing products was a no-brainer,” said Robert Jenkin, CEO of CloudSigma. “CloudSigma stands by the idea that computing power should become ubiquitous, convenient and shaped by user requirements. Moreover, trading compute on one of the leading financial exchanges is really a great market validation of what we’ve already been working toward. Undoubtedly, it will help to further drive innovation in computing.”

“We are happy to have CloudSigma on board,” said Michael Osterloh, member of the executive board of Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange AG. “As one of the advanced and quite visionary cloud providers, they have been contributing very constructively as an early adopter.”

About Deutsche Börse Group

Deutsche Börse Group is one of the world’s leading service providers for the financial industry. Further, it provides a product and service offering for issuers, investors, intermediaries and data vendors. The Group covers the entire process chain from trading through clearing to settlement and securities custody. Furthermore, Deutsche Börse offers market data, indices, and analyses. It is also a service provider for the development and operation of IT systems. The key markets within the Group are the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, one of Europe’s largest stock exchanges, and Eurex Exchange, one of the largest derivatives exchanges in the world.

Deutsche Börse Group includes Deutsche Börse AG, a DAX company, and its wholly-owned subsidiaries Clearstream International S.A. and Eurex Zürich AG. Eurex’s portfolio of markets includes International Securities Exchange (ISE), a leading U.S. options exchange and the European Energy Exchange (EEX). It also includes the ECNs Eurex Repo and Eurex Bonds, which round out Eurex’s offering for repo and bond trading.

About CloudSigma

CloudSigma is a pure-cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider. It offers highly-available, flexible, enterprise-class hybrid cloud servers and cloud hosting solutions, in Europe, the U.S. and APAC. CloudSigma is the most customizable cloud provider on the market. It gives customers full control over their cloud and eliminating restrictions on how users deploy their computing resources. With CloudSigma, customers can provision processing, storage, networks and other fundamental computing resources as they please.  They can extend private networks out of existing infrastructure and elastically into CloudSigma’s IaaS cloud. For more information, please visit or find the company on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.


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