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CloudSigma and Standing Cloud Deliver Easy-to-Use Cloud Applications

Customers enjoy the “few clicks” in “Standing Cloud powered by CloudSigma” service; further webinar will provide a guide to usage and benefits.

BOULDER, Colorado, US and Zurich, Switzerland, August 29, 2011 Standing Cloud, Inc. (, a leader in the emerging platform-as-a-service (PaaS) marketplace, and CloudSigma (, a leading provider of cloud servers and infrastructure, have announced a partnership that provides a vastly simplified method of deploying and managing cloud-hosted applications to cloud users around the globe.

Currently, CloudSigma customers have access to “Standing Cloud powered by CloudSigma.” In short, it marries an application layer from Standing Cloud with CloudSigma’s innovative infrastructure-as-a-service offering. For example, customers can select from approximately 100 popular web applications—including WordPress, SugarCRM, DotProject, OpenBravo, and others—complete with built-in monitoring and management tools that ease system administration headaches. Further, developers can use PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, and Python stacks, along with Jenkin, Bugzilla, and other supporting tools, to support rapid testing and live deployment.

Standing Cloud powered by CloudSigma

“Standing Cloud powered by CloudSigma” removes the mystery of the cloud for “informal buyers” who have struggled to make the cloud accessible and easy. Forrester Research defines this group to include application developers, innovative business users, and service providers. The ability to shed generic application server management and concentrate on core infrastructure needs underscores Standing Cloud’s appeal to cloud power users.

Pricing bundles start at $33.95 per month. In addition, CloudSigma customers and other interested parties can join a webinar on September 7th to learn how deploying applications can take minutes, not hours, and how to manage applications — no systems administration knowledge required.

Delivering Accessible Cloud

Galasoluciones CTO David Mari is a CloudSigma customer whose firm has used “Standing Cloud powered by CloudSigma” to build Java and PHP applications, as well as deploy and manage open source applications such as Drupal and Joomla. “‘Standing Cloud powered by CloudSigma’ enables us to develop for platforms we weren’t supporting yet and to spin up production servers within a few clicks, without quitting our CloudSigma account, all for a low price,” he said.

“We are very happy to partner with CloudSigma and give their customers an easy-to-use way to manage applications in the cloud. Together we share a vision of cloud computing’s future: where any user, regardless of technical abilities, can find and use highly reliable applications, without system administration burdens,” said David J. Jilk, CEO of Standing Cloud.

Patrick Baillie, CEO of CloudSigma also commented “CloudSigma’s approach has always been focused on customer choice. The addition of Standing Cloud to our platform allows our customers to adjust in a fine grain way the parts of their infrastructure where they can add value as well as outsource those areas where a managed approach makes the most sense. Finally, our platform now allows customers to find an optimal position on this spectrum that suits their particular needs in a dynamic, granular, and fluid fashion.

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About Standing Cloud

Standing Cloud is the only platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that enables cloud users to deploy, manage, customize, and/or develop applications on a variety of cloud services and with several programming languages. The service supports PHP, Java, Ruby, and Python. Further, it supports 90+ complete open source applications that can be deployed by end-users with a few clicks.  Next to that, target customers include business users who want an easy way to automatically deploy and manage SaaS; developers who customize existing open source applications or develop their own from scratch; and IT professionals in search of a time-saving way to deploy applications and development environments for teams within their organization.

Standing Cloud is backed by Foundry Group and Avalon Ventures, and was founded in 2009 by CEO David J. Jilk, former CEO of Xaffire, an online application monitoring company that was sold to Quest Software in 2005. Board members include Brad Feld of Foundry Group and Rich Levandov of Avalon.

About CloudSigma

CloudSigma AG, based in Zürich, Switzerland provides a pure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform offering high security, flexible cloud servers. Our innovative web console as well as API make cloud computing and cloud hosting straightforward. Moreover, high availability, redundant infrastructure is backed up by a generous Service Level Agreement. The SLA covers not only availability but also performance.

CloudSigma is currently undertaking an aggressive geographic expansion complimenting its existing European location with US locations this year and beyond. CloudSigma prioritizes open computing, data portability, and open source solutions within the cloud infrastructure sphere.

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