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CloudSigma Partners with BOS Technologies to Offer Powerful Satellite Services

Zurich, Switzerland – March, 2018 – we are happy to announce that CloudSigma has entered into a partnership with BOS Technologies – a company specializing in processing and analyzing data related to movement of the earth and the structures that lay on top of it.

With the help of BOS Technologies, CloudSigma is building and maintaining a repository of Sentinel data backed by a powerful service level agreement ensuring availability and performance. Moreover, this enables Sentinel data to form the foundation for critical commercial and public sector services. Also, it includes services requirement fast access speeds and heavy processing of large amounts of Sentinel data. In short, the marriage of CloudSigma’s computing environment with a powerful data repository creates a unique environment for earth observation related workloads.

The data repository is stored on a modular equipment architecture using an object oriented storage environment. This repository maintains a copy of data delivered through the SciHub and provides a RESTful web service for querying and accessing the data and metadata. Currently, the full archive of Sentinel-1 SLC products for Europe and North America is available in CloudSigma object storage environment. This data is provided free of charge to all CloudSigma cloud users.

About the Partnership

As part of the partnership, BOS is providing an automated framework for tracking and ingesting ESA data sets onto object storage and making them available as an on-demand service. BOS expertise includes these three features listed below.


BOS maintains a database of all the Sentinel-1 data products delivered through the SciHub. The data sets are pulled down automatically, as well as on-demand. They are used to update the CloudSigma Sentinel-1 repository object store.

“Our ambition is to bring together large scale data sets under one roof. We want to place those data sets in an environment ideally suited for building value added service. Furthermore, to promote the environment to the commercial and academic sectors and create long term sustainability by drawing paying customers!”Robert Jenkin, CEO @ CloudSigma
Web service/API:

Аvailable for querying the repository based on relevant SAR parameters with the ability to query InSAR compatible pairs. The parameters allow for querying based on acquisition time, relative orbit, absolute orbit, slice number, imaging mode, swath, polarization, pass direction, processing level, and satellite. These web services will be used to develop web-based map interfaces for search and discovery of data in the repository.

Data sets-as-a-service:

Аt the moment, the main impediment to an immediate analysis of satellite data is the fact that it takes time to download the desired data sets. Especially in cases where we need to process a lot of images. The CloudSigma satellite platform eliminates that bottleneck, since the datasets can be pulled out of object storage on-demand using the APIs and web services locally within the cloud i.e. the data transfer times will be reliable and near-instant. For instance, this allows users to spin up instances for application builders with the latest data sets, on-demand. Also, application builders can have ESA data sets-as-a-service, meaning that they can query them quickly and easily, making full use of the cloud storage consumption paradigm without the need to replicate large scale data sets on their own computing.

ESA ObjectStorage Diagram 1024x271

In the near future CloudSigma commits to store the full Sentinel satellite data archive unzipped. So that they are ready to use in the open source object storage environment.

The partners also intend to expand their services portfolio, for example with the following components:

  • Normalised /processed data sets
  • Visualisation tools allowing for visual querying of the data sets and end-users to run queries against data sets. It displays them geo-spatially

About BOS Technologies

BOS Technologies, LLC is a small American company that provides services to do with data processing and analysis. In particular, their research focuses on the movement of the earth and the structures that lay on top of it. BOS provides analysis and monitoring of displacements and/or longer term velocity estimates related to natural and anthropogenic processes. We are a group of experts in the fields of Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) and high precision Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). And to provide services to help identify and monitor areas undergoing movement. For more information, please visit the BOS Technologies Portal.

“The services and infrastructure provided by the framework reduce the time spent on data access and discovery so users can focus on processing and analysis. Additionally, with the launch of this environment, stream processing for EO data is becoming a reality, providing on-demand services of end users.”Scott Baker, Co-Founder @ BOS Technologies

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