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All You Need from Your Cloud Partner as an IT Services Provider – Stability, Performance & a Good Partner Program

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Openbit is a Russian company operating in St. Petersburg. They offer IT support services such as maintenance of computers and servers, infrastructure support, user support, etc. Apart from Russia, Openbit also operates in Estonia and Spain.

Openbit hosts its whole infrastructure with CloudSigma. For their infrastructure operations, they need a number of services like a remote management of networking, a VPN network which they use to connect to the desktops of their customers, a mail services, monitoring services plus additionally supporting servers for various other services. Additionally, Openbit uses the cloud for secure repositories for their own software and testing and development environments.

“We’ve been using CloudSigma for more than a year now and I can say that CloudSigma offers really a good service. Everything performs very well.”Alexey Bystrov, CEO and Co-Founder @ Openbit

The Challenge

In the past Openbit hosted their servers in Russia, but they weren’t satisfied with their local cloud provider. They experienced a lot of downtimes and they were not happy with the general stability of the cloud and the quality of the support team.

“With our previous cloud provider, the server could go down in the middle of the day and there wasn’t any clear response when it will be up again. Their support was of poor quality.”

Hence, they decided to look for a new service provider. Following their poor experience with the old provider, they were looking for a stable market-proven company with excellent customer service. Another important criterion for Openbit was to find a provider with good online reviews, in order to make sure that the provider’s existing customer base is satisfied with the service.

“I started to search in Internet for reviews about hosting companies, found some good customer reviews about CloudSigma and I decided to evaluate the service.”

The Solution

CloudSigma was able to cover both key success criteria for the Openbit platform: stability and customer support. As a result, after performing a number of tests, Openbit became not only a customer of CloudSigma, but also a key channel partner. For more than one year now they have been offering CloudSigma cloud to their customers that require a cloud solution.

“We just offer our customers an opportunity to move their applications into the cloud, which is based outside of Russia, and some of them choose to go with that option.”

“It usually takes a while to evaluate the stability and consistency of the service and the support team’s work. There are many components that have to be evaluated. After working with CloudSigma for more than a year, I can say that CloudSigma really offers a great service.”Alexey Bystrov, CEO and Co-Founder @ Openbit

The customers of Openbit are not managing the accounts at CloudSigma, everything is done by Openbit. Taking care of numerous accounts with different applications is not an easy task and Openbit team sometimes requires additional consultation for the setup and installation of applications in order meet their customer’s requirements.

“When we have technical questions, sometimes we need to contact their support team. This is working really well. We usually have a response and resolution from them within a few minutes. The support guys are really cool.”

In the face of CloudSigma, Openbit found the perfect cloud provider that meets their needs to a great satisfaction level. The three things that impressed them the most are the flexibility of the platform, the performance of the service and the great work of the support team.

The Impact

“A direct proof for the great stability of your cloud is that all customers we’ve deployed on CloudSigma at the beginning are still using the platform and report to be very happy with it.”Alexey Bystrov, CEO and Co-Founder @ Openbit

Since Openbit started to deploy their customers to CloudSigma’s platform, they are getting only positive feedback from them. Most of Openbit’s customers run web applications that need to run with zero downtime. Hence, the good stability they get at CloudSigma is the most important factor for the customers’ satisfaction.

“If your service wasn’t good enough, we wouldn’t offer it to our customers.”

CloudSigma and Openbit built a strong relationship not only as a vendor and customer but also as partners. While CloudSigma is providing them with high-quality services, Openbit will continue to be a successful channel partner of CloudSigma.

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