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Run any Linux distribution you like or choose a pre-installed Linux cloud server with Debian, Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), CentOS and Ubuntu all available. Experience full root access without shared software resources and compile and run any kernel you wish.

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Linux feels like home in our cloud

Discover high performance cloud servers and leave traditional Linux Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting behind. Traditional VPS providers slice up large dedicated servers to share them between customers. Typically VPS providers use a container technology to isolate multiple users on a single server from one another whilst running a single shared instance of Linux. By contrast, our Linux KVM technology enables every user to run their own isolated copy of Linux, providing a greater choice of distributions, higher performance, deeper configurability, stronger isolation and better security guarantees.

Pre-Installed Linux Cloud Servers

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

We offer both server and desktop editions of Ubuntu 14.04 as instantly deployable cloud servers. Creating a new Linux cloud server is as easy as clicking on the ready distribution. Pre-installed Ubuntu servers are instantly deployed allowing you to use them immediately as part of our cloud hosting Linux packages.

Fedora 21

We offer Fedora 21 (and previous versions) as ready server images. Creating your new Fedora cloud server is simply a matter of deploying it to your Linux cloud computing account. Your new Fedora Linux server will be ready immediately after choosing it.

CentOS 7

We offer CentOS 7 Linux from our library of pre-installed cloud servers. Creating your new Fedora cloud server is simply a matter of deploying it to your account. Your new CentOS Linux server will be ready immediately after choosing it.

Debian 7.8

Debian 7.8 Linux deploys instantly as a new cloud server. You have the choice of with or without X and your new Linux server will appear immediately in your cloud computing Linux account.

Pre-Installed Linux Cloud Servers

No problem, you find most versions of most Linux distributions in our drives library. If you can’t find your version, you can even upload your own ISO file or disk image.

We have over 150 Linux distribution install CDs available from the drive library plus a number of pre-installed Windows cloud servers and FreeBSD cloud servers. If you wish to create a new custom system installation yourself you can do so. Our cloud hosting Linux servers offer a true cloud computing experience.

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