CloudSigma at EuroBSDcon 2013

We’re proud to be sponsoring EuroBSDcon and supporting the BSD community

Hello there, EuroBSDcon attendee. We hope you enjoy our retro coaster (the floppy) in the giveaway bag.

As one of the few cloud providers in the world that allows you to run unmodified BSD systems, we’re here to show you that you don’t need to switch operating system in order to reap the benefits of moving to the cloud.

We allow you to not only pick pre-installed operating FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD images from our drives library, but you can also install the systems yourself (the ISO images are also available in our drives library). Heck, you can even upload your own ISO images. For more information, please read this blog post.

To show you how easy this is, we’ve created a 1-click launcher. Just click the ‘Launch My Cloud’ button below, and we’ll provision you a FreeBSD 10.0 server automatically. You can run it for 15 minutes without entering any information, and if you activate your account, you can run it for seven days for free.

Launch My Cloud

Claim your seven day free trial, no credit card required.